22x28 Sign Stand - Info Pole large

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Innovative display stand for poster and brochure presentation. It consists of sturdy aluminum construction anodized in silver colour and a Poster Frame - Classic - an aluminum snap frame. The snap frame can be mounted for single as well as double sided presentation - one poster frame on each side of the pole. Snap frame is attached to the sign stand pole with easy to use grips that slide into the channel of the pole from the top. The Poster Frame - Classic includes a UV stabilized non-glare film for poster protection. Variety of other standard size Poster Frames can be mounted on the Info-Pole upon request. The overall height of this attractive portable display is 72”. An optional brochure holder is available in a brochure rack version as well as brochure pockets version. Info Pole Sign stand is ideal as a floor display in public buildings with high traffic as well as an exhibition display at trade shows and presentation centres.

Impressive display stand made of sturdy construction. Consists of aluminum pole (3.25'' wide, 72'' tall), steel base plate (20''x17'', 20 lbs heavy) and aluminum Poster Frame - Classic. Reliable and long-lasting.

Sign Stand - Info Pole Large - Innovative display stand with snap frame, great for poster and brochure presentation. 


Equipped with Poster Frame - Classic. Snap opening and closing of aluminum edges provides easy poster change.

Poster Frame - Classic - corner view of closed snap frame           Poster Frame - Classic - corner view of open snap frame


The snap frame includes a UV stable anti-glare film that protects the poster from fading.

Poster Frame - Classic - UV stable anti glare film for poster protection.


Poster Frame dimensions:

Poster size: 22'' x 28''
Visible area size: 21.25'' x 27.25''
Outside dimensions: 23.25" x 29.25"
Depth: 7/16"


Accessory: Brochure Shelf - metal.

Brochure shelf for Sign Stand - Info Pole large.               Brochure shelf for Sign Stand - Info Pole large.


Info Pole is available in single and double sided versions.

Sign Stand - Info Pole Large - Innovative display stand with snap frame and brochure shelf.                    Sign Stand - Info Pole Large double sided - Innovative display stand with snap frames and brochure shelves.

We maintain a large stock of this popular display stand as well as other sign holders and display systems. If you require large number of sign stands, branded or custom size stands, we would be happy to provide with a quote.