Advertising Tents by Zachar Display

Create Attractive Tents for your Events

We offer trade show tents that feature custom printed graphics so that passerby are guaranteed to see you before they even reach your booth. 
Find your outdoor promotional tent today on our website so you can show off your 360-degree advertisement while protecting your customers from rain and sun.

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 Promotional Tents and Canopies

Great for indoor and outdoor events, our advertising tents and canopies are a perfect promotional tool to make your booth visible from a distance! Our trade show tents and convention canopies come in a variety of sizes and styles that are designed to make your brand noticed.

You are free to display your company’s logo, colorful artwork, or promotional messages on our exhibit tents to create a vivid illustration and draw attention to your booth. If you are looking for an exhibition canopy or outdoor pop up tent with back wall panels or half walls, Zachar Display has incorporated these options in our online catalogue so you can keep your display enclosed and protected from wind and debris. This may be a really great option for your business if you are handing out food and drinks or displaying clothing in an open field where the wind can sweep your products away or fill them with dust and debris.

We also offer fully enclosed models if required. But don’t worry if you can’t decide if you want side panels right now; you can purchase these features as needed! Outdoor canopies are an especially popular option if your are in the market for transportable tents that can withstand different weather conditions. A few popular places you will find a tent canopy include places where they sell tickets, food service counters, radio stations, school clubs, and sports events. Our outdoor promotion shelters are highly capable of providing shade for your employees and potential customers as they chat or try out your products. At festivals, there are very easy to spot from crowded areas especially if your custom printed portable canopy includes delicious drinks and food options to help people navigate themselves to your business.

Our event tents and canopies with promotional graphics are made with durable polyester fabric and features a collapsible frame design so that setting up your tent is a piece of cake! Each of our outdoor awnings and domes come with ground spikes to ensure that your display doesn’t fly away in windy conditions, as well as a carrying bag for your fabric graphic so you can easily transport your items from one event to the next. Our custom printed graphics come in a couple of options for imprinting your designs onto our fabric. The cheaper option is to heat transfer your imprint on all four side of your canopy. You can kick it up a notch and have custom printing along the perimeter of your canopy.

The more expensive option involves dye sublimation which uses heat ad pressure to create a custom printed graphic that is vivid and crisp to provide you with the quality that you deserve. If budget is not a concern for you, our custom printed pop-up canopies that use dye sublimation is the superior options because it will provide you with a brighter display. Our blank booth canopies provide you with the same amount of shade and rain coverage and quality that our more expensive models can offer, at the expense of having a simple solid color without custom printed graphics. These are obviously the more economical choice if you are on a budget and want an outdoor canopy that is both waterproof and fade resistant.

This option of outdoor pop up tent can be ordered with optimal half or full wall flaps to provide you with additional coverage on all sides if needed. Their entire purpose is to create shade and shelter during an outdoor event while keeping the focus on what’s underneath the canopy where you are displaying your products and services. They are highly durable canopies that are made with polyester canvas and come in a variety of colors including white, red, green, but, and black. This style of outdoor tent canopy has a square shape and get as big as 10 feet by 10 feet which is big enough to fit a whole lot of stuff under there. The frame is manufactured from steel and finished with a coating that is resistant to nicks and scratches. It features a truss-style frame that has legs which easily snap into place and are height adjustable.

Our polyester side walls can be zipped at your discretion depending on how much protection you want during the event.