iPad Stand

iPad stands and Tablet holders of amazing quality

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iPad Holder - desk mount

Well-designed Tri-Grip iPad holder, secure and firm.

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iPad holder. Desk mount, white.

Adjustable Tri-GripTablet holder. Side view.

Lockable Tri-Grip

iPad holder - lock with key


iPad Stand - floor mount

Elegant, stable and secure iPad and Tablet stand.

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iPad stand. Floor stand.

The iPad stand is equipped with the Tri-Grip locking mechanism as well.

iPad stand. Grip side view.

Tri-Grip allows angle adjustments as well as rotation adjustments of iPads and tablets.

iPad stand, front grip.

Tablet stand. Grip - back view.

This well-designed Tri-Grip iPad holder locks the iPad firmly and securely. In addition to great stability and security, these tablet stands offer adjustable angle feature as well as rotation to portrait or landscape orientation. These adjustable iPad holders are suitable for variety of iPads: iPad 2, iPad 3, iPad 4, iPad 9.7in (2017), iPad 9.7in (2018), iPad 10.2in (2019); also iPad Pro: iPad Pro 12.9in (2015), iPad Pro 9.7in (2016), iPad Pro 10.5in (2017), iPad Pro 12.9in (2017), iPad 11in (2018), iPad 12.9in (2018); also iPad Air, iPad Air, iPad Air 2, iPad Air (2019). In addition to iPads, the stands accommodate Samsung Galaxy and many other tablets as well. They come in desk stand as well as floor stand versions.