Zachar Display Inc.

Our valuable corporate clients come to us for innovative displays and sign holders.
They like to receive dependable hardware for promoting their products and services in public places.

Zachar Display Inc. has been in business for 17 years.
We ship across United States and Canada from our own warehouse in Guelph, ON.
We maintain a large stock, over 80,000 product items, so that we could provide you with fast deliveries.

When you purchase from us:
1. Your order will be carefully packaged by us and shipped from our warehouse in Guelph, ON,
2. You will receive dependable products.

Also you will receive reliable service by our team:
1. Direct contact access,
2. Products and parts knowledge,
3. Hard working attitude, in order to earn your confidence and goodwill.

We look forward to cooperating with you.

Lubo Zachar
Managing Director 


Products that we offer:
Poster Frames, Snap Frames and Poster Holders,
Sign Stands,
Bulletin Boards,
Brochure Holders,
Poster and Banner Hangers,
Sign Holders,
And many other message presentation displays.

Values that guide us:
Business ethics,
Pursuit of Excellence,
Caring service.

Our Customers

Zachar Display Clients