Poster Frames

Poster Frames

Make your message stand out with these stunning Poster Frames and Snap Frames of amazing quality and reliability. Zachar Display has the Poster Frames for your business! Browse our large selection of wall poster holders and find the perfect size and style to fit your print. We have picture holder for any budget and many types: snap-open, swing-open, stretch-mounted and slide-in options. 

Poster Frames by Zachar Display

Poster Frames offer a great signage option! If you are in the market for a poster frame to mount on a wall that will fit your style and budget, we have just the right solution for you. Our poster holders for walls come in a variety of shapes, sizes, and styles so you can choose what best suits your advertising needs. Poster displays are a great way to attract attention to your business both indoors and outdoors. These wholesale wall mounted Poster Frames are great for outfitting retail stores, restaurant chains, movie theatres, commercial and residential builds, and other business settings such as banks, doctor’s offices, schools, colleges, and universities; our poster frames are extremely versatile as they are the perfect advertising tool for any setting.

Restaurants can feature their menu and specials with hanging Poster Frames outside their establishment to entice passerby’s. Bars and bistros can enhance the ambience of their setting by exhibiting artwork in our poster displays. Poster frames are not just for displaying advertisements to drive sales, they are also very effective at displaying informational signs in schools and offices. We offer sign holders for your custom printed graphics as well as picture holders for advertisements and signage so your business can display your advertisement or artwork. Our poster frames come in a variety of easy-to-use styles. 

Poster Frames by Zachar Display

Types of Poster Frames: Snap-open, Swing-open, Slide-in and Stretch.

Poster displays with snap frames are superior among all the poster holders for walls because of they provide you with instant access to your custom printer graphics. Unlike traditional print frames that are good for one-time uses, snap-open poster frames are specially designed for quick changes on the fly due to their front-loading capabilities. This is particularly important if you are a business owner of a franchise that is constantly having promotional offers. Utilizing our front-loading poster snap frames will reduce the time it takes to change your graphics which in turn saves your business money.

When compared to traditional rear-loading style of wall-mounted poster frames, our front-loading poster snap frames take less than 30 seconds to get your poster up on display. Along the same style of hanging poster frames, we also offer slide-in poster frames and swing-open poster displays with key locks that feature the front-loading easy-to-use loading style, as well as stretch frames. Made of lightweight material, our aluminum poster frames offer an inexpensive solution for movie poster frames, or any outdoor poster frames. We offer these poster frames in silver and black that neutrally matches every setting as well as thin poster frames if you are going for a more minimalistic approach. Our large format poster frames are great for businesses looking for a graphics display to take up a large area. For businesses looking to save some money while still maintaining a professional look, we offer cheap poster frames and economy poster frames for some of our styles listed above.

Sizes of Poster Frames

We carry a vast number of graphics displays for many media sizes. This includes 8.5 x 11 sign holders for banners up to 8 feet long! Our most popular poster frame sizes are 24 x 36, 18 x 25, 11 x 17, as well as the standard movie ad size being 27 x 40.

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