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Pop-Up Displays have never been easier! Zachar Display offers a wide range of exhibit Floor Displays and Backdrop Walls that is guaranteed to make your space inviting. We'll help you create a terrific design.

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Floor Displays and Backdrop Walls for Events

Floor displays are a great accessory for pop up displays at events. They add depth to your booth and are great at attracting customer attention. Zachar Display offers a wide range of exhibit Backdrop Walls that is guaranteed to make your space visually attractive. With only a few seconds to grab passerby attention, adding a backdrop banner with custom printed graphics to your 3D pop up booths will surely increase the chances of being visible in crowded spaces. Backdrop walls can be designed so big it would be really hard to miss as a person walking past your booth.

Our floor standing trade show displays are fully customizable when it comes to your graphics; you can display a large and colorful advertisement or your company’s logo if you want to keep it simple. These background graphics are not only useful for exhibitors and during trade shows. Our banners and backdrops work just as well for events where a plain white backdrop banner might be what you’re looking for. Zachar Display supplies you with all the hardware you need to easily assemble your exhibit background if required.

Floor Displays are very lightweight and portable, which makes transportation of the display hassle-free. We offer several different styles of pop up displays and backdrop walls including stretch fabric pop up displays, silicone edge (SEG) exhibit walls, convention booth backdrops with custom vinyl printing, step and repeat banners and backdrops for event photography, folding panel backgrounds and pop-up displays with hook-and-loop receptive material, portable 3D exhibit stands, and modular tension fabric display stands. With our wide selection, you are sure to find a pop-up display for you next event! Our trade show booth backdrop walls that are manufactured with stretch fabric and customizable with whatever graphics you wish to promote. These prints will leave you with a vivid and bright finish. If you are looking for a top-of-the-line exhibit backdrop, then our vinyl display options are the best choice for you. They are printed at a very high resolution and coated with laminate to create a long lasting and beautiful display. If you want an affordable backdrop display, our pipe and drape wall backdrops made with polyester are reusable and very easy to set up. Their style is very similar to how curtains work in that they drape down and don’t achieve a stretch fitted look.
We also have truss fixtures that attach with a connector to create the pop-up display. All our backdrop displays stand tall and sturdy so they can be visible from across the convention centre.
Our stretch fabric walls are made with high-quality polyester material to achieve a wrinkle-free look. These backdrop displays are very easy to set up, take down, and transport because you can just roll your fabric display up and not have to worry about wrinkling your graphic. These displays are constructed by simply slipping the custom printed fabric graphic over the metal frame and zipping it up. The great thing about our stretch fabric pop up displays are that they require no additional tools for set up and you can choose to display graphics on both sides of the cover! The metal frame is manufactured from aluminum which makes it extremely lightweight and great for transporting from one event to the next. If you want to upgrade your stretch fabric walls, we offer this design with LED lighting to make your graphics glow! If you want a backlit trade show backdrop, then our illuminated trade show displays are the perfect fit for you.

SEG backdrops are the sleekest of our floor displays. They leave you with a contemporary feel by achieving a seamless edge to give you a sharp and professional appearance. This means that there are no visible frames and setting up the display is as simple as pushing the graphic onto the stand. If you don’t know exactly what SEG is, here are a few neat facts to help you decide whether this is the right pop up backdrop for your needs. First off, SEG stands for silicon edge graphics. Our SEG’s are printed on a special fabric that displays your graphic perfectly when in tension. We use a high-resolution dye sublimated method, finished with a silicon strip along the edges of your graphic that are used to physically press the graphic into the frame that is manufactured with grooves or extrusions. This is how the seamless and frameless look is achieved. If you are considering ordering one of our silicon edge backdrops, here are a few things to consider.

The fabric that is used to create the display is made from a lighter material than what is commonly used, like our stretch fit fabrics. This makes them extremely easy to transport from one event to the next. Additionally, they require no extra tools to set up. The dying process we use to create your graphic provides a bold look and does not give off any glare. If you are looking for the most modern trade show backdrop wall, SEG backdrops are the right choice for you. Our convention booth backdrops with custom vinyl printing are a more traditional way to display a large graphic. Our vinyl trade show display walls are printed in high resolution to achieve extreme clarity that will be clear enough to read from great distances. This backdrop is manufactured to withstand wear and tear from repetitive usage during events.
Our step and repeat banners and backdrops are an excellent choice for events like prom, weddings, etc, where you can take pictures in front of a backdrop customized to the event. These decorative backgrounds are specifically good for displaying graphics that are visible even when people are standing in front of it. For example, if you are at a company event, having your company’s logo printed on the backdrop would be an option. You can fully customize your backdrop with logos, art, or messages depending on what you want. Step and repeat banners are made with vinyl material that can keep your artwork vivid and clear without fading for many uses. You can order these backdrops in a larger range of sizes; from 8 feet to 20-foot banners. Their name is very much indicative of their purpose; they are specifically designed for occasions where you step in front of it, take a photo, and then step out of the way to let another person or group of people repeat the same process.

Finally, we have our portable 3D exhibit stands and modular tension fabric graphics for trade shows that can feature several different custom printed graphics all in one backdrop. The whole 3D design allows you to customize the configuration of your display. These backdrops are great for events where you are promoting products like at trades show and farmers markets. Although assembling this pop-up display might seem tricky, it’s actually simple enough for one or two people to successfully and quickly install. The frame is locked into place with magnetic connections and the graphics are placed onto it with buttons. The graphics are printed on wrinkle resistant, machine washable, and flame-retardant fabric.

All our Floor Displays are fully customizable and are manufactured with excellence to provide you with the ultimate exhibit display.