Slide-in Poster Frame


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Attractive and simple poster presentation.

Slide in frame for hanging posters. It is a reliable poster hanger.



This image shows inserting posters into the slide in frame. It is a great double sided poster hanger.




Equipped with two metal eyelets for easy hanging.


This image shows slide in frame with hanging wires.



Optional Accessories:
Hanging wires for poster hangers, height adjustable hanging hook.



A great solution for double-sided poster and sign presentation.

The slide in frame is ideal for hanging posters in the window or from the ceiling.

It includes UV stable non-glare film for poster protection, on each side. It also includes a central styrene barrier panel which provides firm support for the two posters.

The aluminum slide in frames are anodized in silver colour.

They are equipped with two metal eyelets for easy hanging. 

We maintain a huge stock in many sizes of this popular poster hanger as well as other sign holders and display systems. If you require large number of poster hangers, we would be happy to provide with a quote.


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