Enclosed Bulletin Boards - Magnetic Boards - Cork Boards

Professionally made Bulletin Boards for indoor use in schools, commercial buildings, residential buildings.

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Classic and Premium lockable bulletin boards are made of silver anodized aluminium frame with a transparent hinged door. The frame of the Classic version is lighter and the door is a clear PS panel. The frame of the Premium version is more robust and the door consists of a full aluminum frame with UV resistant SAN clear panel. The Premium version has a silicone rubber gasket for a moisture resistant finish. This makes it suitable for sheltered outdoor locations as well.

bulletin board with magnetic board


bulletin board with cork board


bulletin board with magnetic board



bulletin board with cork board



Accessories: magnets and pins. In addition to magnets and pins, we offer markers, erasers and spray cleaners for whiteboard.


Indoor Lockable Bulletin Boards offer an effective way to post your messages.

You will find them well designed, reliable and extremely functional.

These Enclosed Bulletin Boards are ideal for posting messages for employees, tenants, customers, visitors and public.

They can be found in corporate office lobbies and hallways, corporate cafeterias, community centres, recreation centres, local government, schools, stores, hospitals, subways and many other locations.

We offer two versions of enclosed bulletin boards for indoor: a lighter version called Classic and a more rugged body version called Premium. Both have multipurpose interior.

Enclosed Bulletin Board serves as a magnetic board and cork board for flyers, posters and notes as well as a white board for your hand written messages.