A-Board Classic

Reliable and long-lasting sandwich board: A-Board Classic

A Board Classic - a very effective sidewalk sign stand. Strong double sided poster display with aluminum snap frames.


Front view.

Front view of A-board Classic Sign

Equipped with Poster Frame - Classic rounded: Snap opening and closing of aluminum edges provides easy poster change.



The snap frame includes a UV stable anti-glare film that protects the poster from fading.

Accessory - optional: Chalkboard film insert - when A-Board is used for chalkboard messages instead of posters.

A Board Classic - optional chalk film and markers.     A Board Classic - chalkboard film insert.










A-Frame Signs are a great way to advertise your message. The Classic model is an ideal sidewalk sign for store and restaurant owners on busy streets that are looking to attract customers through poster displays. A-Board Classic provides a sturdy construction and uses our popular aluminum snap frames to display your message on two sides. The sign's non-corrosive metal back and water outflow holes make it great for outdoor display. The anodized silver coloured frames come with a UV stabilized anti-glare film that ensures your message is not harmed from sunlight exposure.

We maintain a large stock of this popular display board as well as other sign holders and display systems. If you require large number of A-Frame Signs, we would be happy to provide with a quote.