Bulletin Boards


Classic Bulletin Board
Attractive. Useful.

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Enclosed bulletin board made of aluminum, lockable, indoor


Premium Bulletin Board
Eye-catching. Well-designed.

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Premium enclosed bulletin board, lockable, made of aluminum



Outdoor Bulletin Board
Impressive. Weather resistant.

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Outdoor bulletin board, enclosed and lockable, made of aluminum


Menu Display
Tasteful. Lockable.

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Menu display case, lockable, made of aluminum



Bulletin Boards and Menu Displays offer an effective way to post your messages, product information, menus and schedules.

Zachar Display Inc. offers several different bulletin board cases and menu display cases that will fit your needs. 


Product description:

The frame of the lockable bulletin board is made of silver anodized aluminum with a transparent hinged door.
The outdoor versions are well designed to cope with security and the harsh weather conditions of outdoors.

Rear panel
Our enclosed bulletin board serves as a magnetic board.
The rear panel is made of high impact coated steel.
In addition to posting messages with magnets, it is often used as a whiteboard as well.

Magnets - in many institutions magnets are considered safer to use than pins for cork boards.
In addition to magnets we offer markers, erasers and spray cleaners for whiteboard. Buy >



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